About me

I am a statistician and data scientist. My overarching interests and expertise revolve around finding patterns and understanding mechanisms and processes behind complex data (e.g., stock market, behavioral, ecological, epidemiological, and health data), how these processes and mechanisms change across different spatial and temporal scales, and what are their roles in data patterns formation?

I am theoretical ecologist and mathematical biologist as well and I am interested in understanding the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms and processes behind biological diversity and how they change across different organismal organization (e.g. from an individual cell to an ecosystem level) and spatial (e.g. local to global) during {eco-evo} temporal scales. What are the roles of dispersal, interactions (e.g. parasitism, intra/inter-competition, predation), fitness (e.g. demographic, functional, behavioral) and its plasticity (inter-individual variability), density regulation, and environmental conditions variability (spatial and temporal)?

To answer these questions, I deploy a variety of mathematical, statistical, computational, and machine learning tools and technics to model complex data into quasi-realistic and interpretable level that allows advancement of our understanding about systems dynamics, functionality, evolvability and predictability.